Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hang Jebat Swimming Pool, Krubong Melaka

 Just coming back from swimming at Pusat Akuatik Hang Jebat, with my husband & niece.
We went at around 6pm & entrance per person is MYR 3

 Is rather cheap if compared to MBMB Swimming Pool at Bandar Hilir, as I need to travel for almost 45minutes from Cheng. Somemore today is Sunday, for sure there would be traffic jammed every where.

Is indoor swimming & quite big...and the water is really cold.
I enjoyed my

Public Schedule :
9am - 12pm
2pm - 4pm
6pm - 8pm

Close on every Monday & Public Holiday


ghufran ryuran said...

hai.. how far from taman pya rumput indah and is it inside stadium hang jebat or near it? thank u..

Clarice said...

I think it shd be less than 10 mins from tmn paya rumput indah to the stadium hang jebat.

the pool is inside the stadium.
hope this can help u...have a nice day

ghufran ryuran said...

thank u very much... ill try and go have a look.. ive been searching for a pool near my place..

Anonymous said...

hihi....may I know is there any lockers provided / for rent to keep our belongings? Thanks.

princess_diary said... just curious..confirm the swimming pool is in the main stadium? or its in the mini the back?

Clarice said...

Hi Anonymous,

I didnt notice whether got any lockers or not...Sorry for unable to provide much information to you.

ang pang chuan said...

may i ask izit the fleet pool same with MBMB? that is start from 3 fleet to 12 fleet?

ang pang chuan said...

may i ask the fleet of pool izit same with MBMB? that is start from 3 fleet to 12 fleet?

Crystal Ng said...

i heard there are competition on this friday …is it ? how bout thursday and saturday ? how cani check ?

2C said...

the swimming pool entrance fee will increase from rm 3 /person to RM5/person. sad


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